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Two trees were snapped off in a wind storm a couple years ago.  I cut them off at about 5.5 feet and installed a bird farm.  Farm buildings (bird houses) from left to right: garage, house, quonset, grainary, corn crib, and behind the fence a loafing shed, windmill with water trough, silo, and of course the barn.  I was born and raised on a farm but figure this is the only one I'll ever be able to afford...

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Eight clumps of Oriental Lily's are planted on the South side of unattached garage (lots of sunlight).

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Spirea, Lythrum, Wave Petunia in whiskey barrel, Russian Sage Lychnis Chalcedonica Maltese Cross, Annabelle Hydrangea, Achillea Yarrow Daisey's, Mums, Oriental Poppy, Sweet William, Black Eyed Susan, Scabiosa, Yarrow, Pink Potentilla and some annuals.

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Day Lily, Liatris, Coreopsis, Delphinium, Hollyhock, Hostas and annuals

May Night Salvia, Moonbeam Coreopsis, Zing Rose Dianthus (4' x 8' bed)

Lily of the Valey

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'David' Phlox, Salvia, Autumn Joy Sedum, Dianthus, Red Phlox, Johnson's Blue Hardy Geranium, Mums, Iris, Stella de Oro Lily's (8' x 12' bed)

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Annuals under Redmond Linden

Butterfly bed:  Monarda Marshall's Delight, Pink ? Monarda, Blanket Flower Goblin, Asclepias Tuberosa Butterfly Weed, Black Eyed Susan, Purple Coneflower (4' x 8' bed)

Bleeding Heart and Coleus under Maple Tree

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Henson's Hedge Rose on South Side James Kelway Painted Daisy and Dwarf (yellow) Potentilla Honey Suckle,  Monarda 'Marshall's Delight', Delphinium, Stella de Oro Lily, Johnson's Blue Hardy Geranium, Blackeyed Susan, Rudbeckia 'Green Wizard', Oriental Lily's, Dianthus, Tradescantia "Red Cloud"
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Dragons Blood Sedum under Birch Tree Three Roses are on the left (South) side, two on the right side of the bay window.  Holly Hocks are planted behind the roses.  Bed also contains Sedum Dragons Blood, Yarrow, a Siberian Iris and some annuals.

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Annuals under Amur Choke Cherry
Training newly planted tree's leader and branches to grow as desired.

Four cedar (home-made) planters with annuals in 10" pots
are placed on the outside corners of the patio.

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Patio, love to watch the birds eat/drink. New England Aster, Lupins, 4'oclocks, Tradescantia "Red Cloud" Hosta bed on North side

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Scads of Monarch Butterfly's visit every year.  Caterpilers eat the swam milkweed (above left), crawl up the house and spin their chrysalis and hang from the sofit (above middle), and elsewhere.  The swamp milkweed (above right) is stripped clean by mid-July.  Life Cycle 

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Three views of an irregular shaped bed outside the bay window.  Perennials fill about three-fourths of the bed.
Scabiosa (Pincushion Flower)  Columbaria Pink Mist, Scabiosa Butterfly Blue, Scabiosa Caucasica Perfecta Alba, Bengal Tiger Canna, Liatris, Sedum Matrona and Autumn Joy, Centaurea Bachelor's Button Cornflower, Strawflower,  Phlox Franz Schubert, Phlox Louisiana Purple, Dianthus Zing Rose,  White and Blue Flax Linum, + ?

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A Deer Feeder serves as the center piece.
Shrub Roses, Lychnis Chalcedonica Maltese Cross, Mum's, Parker's Gold Achillea and Cerise Queen Achillea (Yarrow), Blue Fescue - will plant lily's and iris this fall (2001).

Flag Flower Bed.
 Happy 225th Birthday USA!

The dominant white kinda took over :-(

Three Roses, Lamb's Ear Stachys, Oenothera Lemon Sunset, will be planting Iris,  Oriental and Day Lily's (fall 2001)

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Starting some shade-loving perennials.
Lobelia Ruby Slippers, Hostas, Glads, annuals.
Looking for other perennials.

First year (2001) garden.

Three 4x8 Strawberry beds.
Early season: Surecrop, 
Everbearing: Shortcake and Tristar 
(shortcake not doing well, tristar great)

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Red and Yellow Canna, Joy-Pye Weed, Cornflower, Lilium Lollipop, Prairie Sunflower (Helianthus maximilianii) and a swap-space where I keep plants until I get their final destination ready.

Daylily's, Lilacs, Cotoneaster near driveway by mailbox.

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