Gohan's Oklahoma City CLG-5 Collection
QM3 Dave Rice, (Gohan)  USS Oklahoma City CLG-5,  June 1970 - October 1973
Currently a QMCS in the United States Naval Reserve, Fargo, North Dakota
"Sharing an important part of my life with my Oklahoma City (CLG-5) Shipmates."

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CNO Admiral Zumwalt has chow with the sailors of Oklahoma City. CAPT J.J. Tice III sits in his chair on the bridge (you didn't want to be caught sitting in it).

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QM3 Rice (Gohan) at work in the chart house, a room just off the bridge.   Many charts and publications had to be updated to reflect changes and hazards to navigation. Not exactly the Hilton.  Cramped berthing quarters had about two feet between lockers and bunks.  Racks were stacked either three or four high with less than two feet apart.

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Two 6-inch/47 caliber casings (along with the help of a yard worker and a carton of cigeretts) made a good ashtray. Oklahoma City (CLG-5) tied up with her sister ship the USS Providence (CLG-6).

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