Gohan's Oklahoma City CLG-5 Collection
QM3 Dave Rice, (Gohan)  USS Oklahoma City CLG-5,  June 1970 - October 1973
Currently a QMCS in the United States Naval Reserve, Fargo, North Dakota
"Sharing an important part of my life with my Oklahoma City (CLG-5) Shipmates."

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unrep3.jpg (28909 bytes) Food and Supplies were sometimes delivered to the fantail by helo (upper left) and it was our job to get the load off the flight deck (left) before the next load came.  A 'working party' could often form a chain-gang (above) to pass the boxes from the main deck to the storage spaces below.  No forklifts or elevators, just a bunch of sailors got the job done.  Pulling up to the gas station (below), fill it up (below, below).  QM3 Bob Reichling keeps a log of course and speed changes for the Officer of the Deck when coming along side (bottom left).
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